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Life’s Purpose

Your purpose is to Just Be.
Your purpose/mission will unfold in perfect timing automatically when you just find joy in the present moment and act on every exciting thing to do to the utmost of your ability.
Passion-Excitement = 
Our highest true self vibratory state, follow each excitement moment to moment
A great momentum occurs with magical synchronicities. 
Abundance ensues, needs are always met. Always taken cared of, doubts dissolve, and nature loves courage, as following the heart the universe conspires in helping one achieve as long as they self trust (believe)

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” 

— Pablo Picasso

“The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.” 
― Alan W. Watts, The Culture of Counter-Culture: Edited Transcript
“The Universe expects nothing from you at all. 

The only thing you need to do to be fulfilled is to follow your passion; why? 

Because it is the vibration that represents your true self so there’s the signal; there’s the sign, 

but all you have to do is follow your passion the best you can. If you’re doing the best you can you will have fulfilled your purpose. 

If at times you don’t feel like you’re doing best that’s okay; if you know you’re not doing your best, then there’s an issue there to look at and if your use it In a positive way; you’re doing your best! 

So you’ve fulfilled your purpose again. 

You all have the same purpose you all have the same mission. Just be yourself. That’s all it takes; that’s all you need to do. 

How you do it is up to you but the way you do it is not your purpose; the way you do it is an expression of your purpose.

You will do it until you’re tired enough from not doing it. We are so clever that many times we will not allow ourselves to figure out what we really want until we have tried everything we DON’t want. 

Because then when you’ve tried everything you don’t want there will be nothing left and there will be no question that what you’re choosing from that point forward is exactly what you WANT.”

— Bashar 

I do not advocate meditating your way to manifestation but it is to synchronize yourself in the space of no-mind, where truth descends like light. External reflects internal, meditation is self mastery of mind and our vibration. It is fine tuning training of the third eye for which we can hold clear mental pictures of our purified harmonized desires, which then we can surrender into the empty space of the heart by living joyously. And joy arises within those whom practice paying attention to their attention, witnessing their mind and being fully present. 

And when one is fully here and now, in the flow collective-akashic consciousness, synchronized with the Earth’s Consciousness Vibration. 

There is unconditional love coherence. Harmony, where all of existence is expressing and expanding from. 
Life is a celebration. 

“In awakened doing there is complete internal alignment with the present moment and whatever you are doing right now. The doing is then not primarily a means to an end, but an opening for consciousness to come into this world. Aligning yourself with the Now is aligning yourself with universal purpose, the purpose of the whole. What is the purpose of the whole? The birth and flowering of consciousness. The whole then guides you in whatever you think or do.

As I explain in A New Earth, awakened doing has three modalities, depending on circumstances and the nature of the activity. They are acceptance, enjoyment, and enthusiasm. If there is neither acceptance, enjoyment, or enthusiasm in what you do, you are out of alignment with universal purpose. You are creating unhappiness, that is to say suffering in one form or another. One way of defining the ego is simply this: a dysfunctional relationship with the present moment. What I refer to as the “new earth”—the outer forms created by awakened doing—arises as more people realize that their purpose is to allow consciousness to emerge through whatever they do.”
“Notice what happens as you recognize restlessness or agitation, consciously trace these feelings to their Source. The cause is often doing what you are conditioned to think is safe or acceptable. Making decisions that suppress true feelings disconnects you from authenticity. Seeing everything as energy in motion or obstructed energy helps you feel where you cut off spontaneous flows of energy with fear. All external conflict points to unresolved inner conflict. Allowing yourself to feel deeply unleashes pent up energy. Letting tears flow freely can also be about letting go of energy or karma that is not yours. Opening to all feelings is opening to love and vulnerability. The key to continuous expansion, feeling inter-connected to all points of light, is to make choices that face and dismantle fear, bringing you outside comfort zones.” — Liara Covert 
“THIS is one of the paradoxes of spiritual life: the more one dissolves into the Divine, the more unique one becomes. The dissolution is not of the individuality but of the self. The dissolution is not of the uniqueness but of the ego. The more you are an ego, the more you are like others, because everyone is an egoist. 
The ego is the most ordinary thing in the world. Everyone is an egoist; even a newborn child is an egoist – a perfect egoist. So it is not anyone’s achievement; it is not extraordinary. Really, it can be said that to be just ordinary is the most extraordinary thing possible because no one feels just ordinary. So to feel oneself extraordinary is just the most ordinary thing. Everyone feels like that! So ego is not something unique. 
If you have an ego, it is not something unique. Really, egolessness is the most unique thing, the most uncommon – rare. It happens only sometimes. Centuries pass and rarely the event happens 
that someone becomes egoless – a Buddha, a Jesus. But when we say that someone becomes egoless, it does not mean that he is not. Really, for the first time, now he is – authentically grounded into the very Being. He is no more an ego.”

Limitless Synchroncity Of Manifestation

“It is impossible to want something that isn’t already destined to be. This makes each and every desire a premonition or intuitive foreshadowing of the things to come. Because positive and negative energy do not possess the same power, this insight doesn’t work the same way for fear. In reality, each desire is a foreshadowing of what is meant to be at some point in time. Conversely, each fear, worry, or concern is the energy of displaced anticipation, arising throughout the imagination of consciousness, often confirming what is never bound to occur. 

Can you celebrate each desire, as sneak previews of the people, places, and things that are already meant to be, without getting hung up on when it’s meant to happen? Can you offer your highest faith to life’s eternal flow of perfection by reminding yourself that everything you want is guaranteed to appear at exactly the right moment in time? Are you willing to no longer hold yourself emotionally hostage or fueled by fear until things change the way you envision it changing? Are you ready to discover the ability to deeply care and be empowered without a need for worry or concern?

Knowing what is meant to be is not a matter of patience, but a journey of perseverance. From this space, nothing in existence, including the things you desire the most have permission to distract you from the awareness of your light, or strip you of your power. Patience can often be the ego’s way of politely holding out for the things it wants. When your ego holds out, the light of your soul is held back from shining at full capacity. 

Without an attachment to any particular outcome, you can honor each desire, vision, or “sneak preview”, while shining your light for the benefit of every soul, simply by being more kind, considerate, peaceful, and loving throughout your day. As always, it isn’t a matter of perfection, but a journey of exploration. With nothing to prove or anything to overcome, you can discover an endless wellspring of goodness within you that is willing to shine, even when others attack or shut down; grateful for the awareness of love’s eternal truth and humbled by the gift of incarnation that gives you lifetimes of opportunities to embody your highest vibration in form. 
This is the glory of faith. It is the unwavering enthusiasm of the soul that everything is always destined to work out — no matter how it seems or appears. In patience, you often hold back the light of your enthusiasm while holding out for the change that you desire. In faith, you allow the suchness of your reality, whether it’s the way you want it or not, to become environments of expansion that change you for the better. 
This essentially means, your life won’t change until life changes you. By intending and attempting, with the best of your ability, to be more open-minded, gentle, compassionate, peaceful, and loving with yourself, others, and the world in view, such positive change accelerates the play of your reality to reveal all the things that your old self always sensed was “up ahead” but could never quite receive until you evolved. 
The old self is the seeker of future, but it never finds the things it chases, until it is unraveled through your willingness to become the light of heart-centered consciousness that already dwells within you. You’re already an exquisite one-of-a-kind flower in the garden of Divinity, but it is up to you to decide how much or how little of your eternal fragrance will be lovingly shared for the benefit of all growing seeds. 
Will you wait for what is meant to be, or can the patterns of holding out and holding back be surrendered to invite your highest potential to come out of hiding? 
May the choices you make today answer such a question for the well-being of all. May all souls be healed, awakened, and transformed by the love that you are.” — Matt Kahn
“When you are open to divine guidance, you do not permit expectations to get in the way of the inner compass. You do not question intuition or why certain people, places, situations and options arise in your life. Everything presents with perfect timing. Focusing on the feeling of synchronicity is a stepping stone to recognizing only synchronicity exists. You are receptive to higher consciousness or you resist your own constant messages about what is best for soul’s evolution. Every person you meet, every fork in your road is divinely orchestrated.” — Liara Covert

Surrender expectations and attachments to outcomes; Be the Flow 

Your will cannot do what the surrendering of your will surely can Matt Kahn 

Your experiences do not form you. Your form yourself by understanding your experiences. 
Manifestation, Law Of A:
Yin|Subconscious mind 

surrender to higher self for manifestation, letting go for Allowance, (unconditional love = detachment) 
Visualization and absolute intense E-Motion for it.
And then no expectation that it has to manifest at All. 
This is the way of effortless effort. Buddha, middle way. Unconditional love. 
So the higher self can do the work of giving direction, answers, synchronicities. 
Moving from intellect into knowingness, the collective unconscious shared matrix grid of info, Flow state (feeling lost in the moment, only here and now)
Relaxing, silent observer of mind, Breathing, heart chakra, = synchronizing with the higher mind,

Mindfulness experience of silence, a focus, a detachment, 
Without asking a question you begin to think from the heart and act through the higher mind, here a very interesting opportunity occurs in the higher mind because everything is available to you in simultaneous time 

There is no searching required for the answers to your question, you’ll 

Find the answer to your question is exactly located where the question is asked. You don’t have to go anywhere to find the answer. 
For example, question such as “what happens if I?”, “how do I create (A)?

The (A)nswer is found where the question is asked at the same moment the question is asked, 

You receive the answer before the action is required to be taken. 
There is no failure or error, blame, guilt, worry, or other lower dimensional vibrations. You know the outcome before the action is taken. 
You can’t fail. 

Simply become the choice between possibilities that support your desired intention. If the answer doesn’t provide the desired result simply change or modify the question and a new or modified answer will appear.
For example, if I’m standing on the cliff and I wish to go to the valley below and I ask “how do i get there” the answer I may get is simply jump. 

But that’s not the answer I’m looking for so if I change the question “what is a safe and enjoyable way to get from where I’m at to the valley below”

The answer will be like “turn to the right and follow the path.

Ask and you shall receive right. Change the question and you’ll find the answer.
Yes, all realities-possibilities exists simultaneously now. We simply Match our frequency, my successful self is doing set of actions, behavior, thinking, 

I follow through, 

following my passion&excitement (the highest vibration, based off belief systems that is ingrained as what I’m conditioned to believe as possible. 

(Get this in order to get that, do this and then have that) 
This is surrender.
Another example, woman wanted to take pictures and travel across the world. In her passion frequency she perceives all possibilities, therefore she has perceived herself already there and will now proceed to experience what it was like to get there by:
I want to travel across the world taking pictures, she simply believed it, then got the answer|idea to walk in and tell the airport,

unexpectedly they said they needed a photographer for their new brochure. 

She did not expect any outcome, she just rode that wave 100% 
And ofc. “All answers are within.” 
In the space of no-mind, truth descends like light. – Osho

“Silence is an empty space, empty space is the home of an awakened mind.” 

“By letting go, it all gets done.” – Lao Tzu
N. Tesla: I’m only a receiver, 

entrepreneurs: key is intuition; ideas. Tuning into the preferred reality
“Reality does not support you. YOU support your reality. That is a profound difference.” — Bashar 
Yes of course,

if we’re not after our goals, our preferred reality at max percent then we don’t get a reflection of a max percent manifested. 

The brain-intuition maps out how to get there, but the thing is higher self, manifests it all, beyond what the mind can comprehend so we need to let it go, surrender, To Allow it manifest. 

Dawn of a Golden Age: Apotheosis and the Rainbow Body

Ascension DNA Photonic Light Ugrading codons unlocking dormant strands. As they activate the nervous system, endocrine (chakras)— Third eye universal wifi system tuned into more information. We’re living in the age of information too. Seen by linear logic hemisphere, we know that of course it is inevitable that “all that remained
Hidden shall be revealed.” – Ancient Egypt/Buddha: Truth cannot remain king hidden.
Universe Expands, Information via technology expands physically, consciousness expands with the cosmos as we are apertures of the universe. Great time to be alive. East & West merge, Meditation and mindfulness the norm; Left & Right brain hemisphere balance; Madculine and feminine, testosterone & estrogen. The balance was thrown off, The lower vibrations keeping the masses in dormant DNA strands, and left brain, egoism; submissive/insecurities/victimization/etc. (psychological warfare) extorting us, but the 2012 shift happened, the photons and vibrational frequency of the Earth’s Schumann resonance has been rising. The solar flares lighting up our Pineals-Endocrine Glands, harmonizing disorder. We came to experience darkness in order to transcend it into light again. Darkness once transmuted into light = enlightenment integration. Wholeness nonduality-Light; The amnesia lifted as we are transcending the levels of consciousness. The more we vibrate high, becoming lighter, time becomes nonlinear, beyond relativity as all is now. Old paradigms cannot exist in the higher frequency ranges we rise into.
Phoenix Rises,
Light Body Activations for all.

Healing Tones

We shall bear the image of the heavenly . . . . I show you a mystery, we shall all be changed in the twinkling of an eye . . . the corruptible must  put on incorruption, and the mortal must put on immortality.  I Corinthians 15:49-53

Tibetan Buddhists practice the “Rainbow Body,” the apparent dematerialization and transmutation of the physical body. The practice may be spread out over many years of meditation until the actual transfiguration is achieved — although more as a gift of spirit than an achievement of mental effort.  A Biblical passage tells of a “tranfiguration” of Jesus wherein he appeared in a glorious form with Moses and Elijah in the presence of three of his disciples, and another of his glorified body being resurrected from the grave.  What follows here may give up some inkling of the potential inherent in our own sacred…

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Astral Projection Techniques

How To Astral Project:
PDF file: 

or download here: 


On a night before a free day when you won’t have to wake up early, go to bed at your usual time and set your alarm so that you’ll only sleep for about 6 hours. When the alarm goes off, you must get up to drink a glass of water, go to the bathroom, and read these instructions once again. Do not attempt any techniques before going to bed the night before, no matter what the case. You just need to lie down and get some sound sleep. The sounder you sleep over these 6 hours, the better your chances of getting results.


After 3 to 50 minutes of being awake, go back to bed and concentrate your attention on how you will perform cycles of indirect techniques upon each subsequent awakening in order to leave your body and implement your prepared plan of action. No need to set the alarm clock this time. Each subsequent awakening should occur naturally. If it’s too bright in the room, you can wear a special eye-mask. If it’s loud – use earplugs.
Meanwhile, focus your attention on how you’re going to try to wake up without moving your physical body. This isn’t mandatory, but it will substantially increase the effectiveness of the indirect techniques. 
Now, sleep for 2 to 4 hours, but take advantage of natural awakenings that occur during this period of time. They will happen much more often than usual. After each attempt – whether successful or not – you must fall back asleep with that very same intention of waking up and trying again. In this way, you can make many attempts over the course of a single morning. Up to a quarter of those attempts will be successful, even for novices (70 to 95% of them will be successful for experienced practitioners). 


Each time you wake up again, try not to move or open your eyes. Instead, immediately try to separate from your body. Up to 50% of success with indirect techniques comes during this simple first step – one that is so simple that people don’t even suspect that it could work.
In order to separate from your body, simply try to stand up, roll out, or levitate. Try to do it with your own perceived (i.e. subtle) body, but without moving your physical muscles. Remember that it will feel just like normal physical movement. When the moment comes, don’t think too hard about how to do it. During those first moments after awakening, stubbornly try to separate from your body any way that you can and no matter what. Most likely, you’ll intuitively know how to do it. The most important thing is not to think too hard and not to lose those first seconds of awakening.

If immediate separation doesn’t work out – which would become apparent after 3-5 seconds – start right then and there to alternate between 2 to 3 of the techniques that are most straightforward to you, until one of them works. When this happens, you can try to separate again. Choose 2 to 3 of the following five techniques so that you can alternate through them during awakenings:


For 3 to 5 seconds, try to imagine rotating to either side along your head-to-toe axis as vividly as possible. If no sensations arise, switch to another technique. If a real or even slight sensation of rotation arises, focus your attention (Table of Contents) 12 Our web site Videos Books Seminars Forum The Phase. Shattering the Illusion of Reality (2015) Buy new version of this ebook on Amazon, iBooks, and Google books on this technique and rotate even more energetically. As soon as the sensation of rotating becomes stable and real, you should try to separate again using it as a starting point.
Swimmer technique 

For 3 to 5 seconds, try to imagine as decidedly as possible that you are swimming or simply making swimming motions with your arms. Try to feel it no matter what, and as vividly as you can. If nothing happens, switch to another technique. There is no need to switch techniques if the sensation of swimming arises. Instead, intensify the sensations that arise. Afterwards, the real sensation of swimming in water will come to you. That’s already the phase – and there’s no need for separation when you’re already in the phase. However, if such sensations occur while you’re in bed instead of a body of water, then you will need to employ a separation technique. Use the swimming sensations as a starting point.
Observing Images 

Peer into the void before your closed eyes for 3 to 5 seconds. If nothing occurs, switch to another technique. If you see any kind of imagery, peer into it until it becomes realistic. Once it is, separate from the body right then and there, or allow yourself to be pulled into the imagery. When peering at imagery, it’s important not to scrutinize details, lest the image wash away. You’ll need to look through the picture, which will make it more realistic.

Hand Visualization 

For 3 to 5 seconds, imagine vividly and decidedly that you are rubbing your hands together close to your eyes. Try no matter what to feel them in front of you, to see them, and even to hear the sound of them rubbing. If nothing happens, switch to another technique. If any of the above sensations start to arise, then keep with the technique and intensify it until it becomes totally realistic. Afterwards you can try to separate from the body, using the sensations arising from the technique as a start-off point.

Phantom Wiggling 

Try to wiggle your perceived hands or feet for 3 to 5 seconds. Do not move a muscle under any circumstances, and do not imagine the movement itself. For example, try to intensively press down and then up, wiggle to the left and right, and so on. If nothing occurs, switch to another technique. If a slight or sluggish sensation of real movement suddenly arises, then focus your attention on the technique, trying to increase the range of motion as much as you can. Once you can move by at least 4 inches, immediately try to separate from your body starting off from the sensations arising from the technique.
All that you need to do for each attempt is alternate between 2 to 3 techniques for 3 to 5 seconds each. This leads to indirect techniques cycles, where the practitioner alternates one technique after another over the course of a minute in search of the one that works. It is very important to do no less than 4 cycles of 2 to 3 techniques during an attempt. Remember – even if a technique doesn’t work immediately, that doesn’t mean that it will not work on the very next cycle of techniques, if not just a bit later. That’s precisely why it’s necessary to stubbornly alternate techniques, performing no less than 4 complete cycles, but all within no longer than a minute.
For example, the entire process may take place as follows: a phaser goes to bed at 11:30pm and sets his alarm for 6:00am; at 6:00 he wakes up to his alarm clock, goes to the bathroom, drinks some water, and recalls the indirect techniques as well as his interesting plan of action for the phase (for example, to look in the mirror and fly to Mars); at 6:05am the phaser goes back to sleep with the clear intention of entering the phase upon each subsequent awakening; at 7:35am (or whenever natural awakening occurs) the phaser awakes unexpectedly and immediately tries to separate from his body then and there; not having separated within 3 to 5 seconds, the phaser begins to try to do rotations, but those also do not work within 3 to 5 seconds; the phaser performs the swimmer technique, but that does not work within 3 to 5 seconds, the phaser does phantom wiggling, but it doesn’t (Table of Contents) 14 Our web site Videos Books Seminars Forum The Phase. Shattering the Illusion of Reality (2015) Buy new version of this ebook on Amazon, iBooks, and Google books work within 3 to 5 seconds, the phaser does rotation again, then the swimmer technique and phantom wiggling for 3 to 5 seconds each; then he once again does rotation, swimming, and phantom wiggling for 3 to 5 seconds each; on the fourth cycle he begins to do rotation and it unexpectedly starts working – the feeling of rotation arises; the phaser keeps with this technique, and spins as hard as he can and separates from his body right then and there using the sensation of rotation: he then runs to the mirror, all the while actively palpating and scrutinizing everything around him from a close distance, which intensifies his sensations; having already looked in the mirror, the practitioner employs the translocation technique and finds himself on Mars, but he is unexpectedly returned to the body; the phaser then immediately tries to leave his body again, but is unable to; he falls back asleep with the clear intention of repeating the attempt upon the next awakening and staying longer on Mars; and so on.
Just repeat the above using the techniques that come most naturally to you, and you’ll open yourself up to a whole new universe!
If you take 20 to 30 minutes out of your day to simply train the techniques and the procedure, the method will be (Table of Contents) 15 Our web site Videos Books Seminars Forum The Phase. Shattering the Illusion of Reality (2015) Buy new version of this ebook on Amazon, iBooks, and Google books remembered and work better. This will substantially increase the success of attempts upon awakening.
Dream consciousness is also considered to be a phase experience. If you suddenly realize that you’re dreaming while asleep, then that’s already the phase. You should therefore proceed to implement your plan of action and stabilize the state. If dream consciousness does arise, it would be a side effect of doing technique cycles upon awakenings. This side effect is quite common – always be ready for it.


Fall back asleep if you can after each attempt (whether successful or not) in order to make another attempt to leave your body upon your next awakening. That way you’ll not only be able to leave your body in one day, but also to do it several times on the very first day!
Even the most unsuccessful attempt should last no longer than a minute. If nothing happens over that period of time, it’s much more effective to fall asleep and catch the next awakening, as opposed to stubbornly trying to squeeze results out of the current attempt.


Before entering the phase, you should clearly outline what you are going to do there immediately after separation. This will increase both the quality of the experience and the likelihood of it occurring. Below is a list of the most interesting (if not the most straightforward) phase activities (Table of Contents) 16 Our web site Videos Books Seminars Forum The Phase. Shattering the Illusion of Reality (2015) Buy new version of this ebook on Amazon, iBooks, and Google books for novices (choose no more than 2 to 3 activities and remember them well):

• Look in a mirror (a must for the first phase!) 

• Eat or drink something you like 

• Visit any tourist attraction 

• Fly over the Earth 

• Fly throughout the Universe 

• Fly to neighbors, friends, and family 

• Meet a lover Meet a deceased relative 

• Meet any celebrity 

• Take medicine for treatment 

• Obtain information from phase objects 

• Travel to the past or the future 

• Walk through a wall 

• Transmutate into an animal 

• Drive a sports car 

• Ride a motorcycle 

• Breathe underwater 

• Put your hand inside your body 

• Feel vibrations 

• Inhabit two bodies at once 

• Inhabit another person’s body 

• Move and set fire to objects just by looking at them 

• Drink liquor
For your first phase, be sure to set yourself the goal of making it to a mirror and looking at your reflection. You should specifically program yourself to do this activity, as it will substantially facilitate your first steps in conquering the phase. You may then complete other items on your plan of action and never return to the mirror again. 

If your sensations in the phase are dull (i.e. poor sight or numbed bodily sensations), try to touch everything around you actively and scrutinize the minute details of objects from up-close. This will allow you to have a more realistic experience. The same activities should be performed in order (Table of Contents) 17 Our web site Videos Books Seminars Forum The Phase. Shattering the Illusion of Reality (2015) Buy new version of this ebook on Amazon, iBooks, and Google books to maintain the phase when the first symptoms of a return to the body occur (for example, when everything becomes dim). 

Returning to the body is something you needn’t worry about. The state will not last more than several minutes in any case, especially for novices who are little-acquainted with techniques for maintaining the phase.

This worked for one guy: Say to yourself “I want out, let me out now, this is my will.” [Repeat until you are out]. 

Or try these steps:

1) Vibrational Stage: 

a) Focus on your breathing. Watch yourself breath-in, breath-out.

b) Set intention: “I am consciously aware during the entire out-of-body experience. I am now out of body.” You want to pick something you are emotionally believing.

c) Watch for the feeling of heaviness/numbness/tingling/buzzing/internal-movement [This is the vibrational stage]. Stay calm and focus on that sensation. Visualize that feeling engulfing your entire body. Surrender to it. 

2) Separation Stage:

a) Pick a thought of somewhere really familiar to you that you can visualize very accurately yourself moving there. KEEP YOUR MIND FROM THINKING ABOUT YOUR BODY OR YOU WILL GO BACK INTO YOUR BODY. WHAT YOU THINK… IS WHERE YOU GO.

b) Set Intention: “I now separate” or “I now move to the door” etc. You can also ask your spirit guide for assistance. You will feel like you are floating; DO NOT PANIC… STAY CALM.

3) Exploration Phase:

a) You may see a ‘silver cord’ attached to both your physical body and your spirit body. Decide what you wish to experience [Examples: “I now experience the living room”]; You will feel intense movement; STAY CALM. There is no limit to what you can experience out of body [Examples: Visit a deceased loved one, understand the dimensions of the universe, experience your eternal/true self, explore your own fears and limitations, learn how to increase/decrease your own density with focus, you could experience the truth of the role that thoughts play in regard to reality, you could shape shift, explore past lives, meet your spirit guides, communicate with animals/trees/insects, interact with other races/locations within this universe, you can create alternate reality scapes [cartoons], understand how to resolve a current life conflict, do healing on others, visit those that live at a distance from you, observe past events, find your pre-birth intention (aka contract), etc].

4) Returning Phase:

a) Often times your higher-self determines when your exploration is finished and will return you to your body. If not; Focus your thoughts going back into your body; Or set the intention “I now return to physical experience”. The first year returning to your body will be quite jarring like you are falling straight into yourself; A real jolt.

Astral Projection Tips by James Limborg:

Once you finally get out of your physical-body you are in your spirit-body; Your spirit-body does not have legs to move around; Your spirit-body is basically a ball of energy that you can form into whatever you want [human form, animal, plant, insect, cartoon, dinosaur, dragon, whatever you can imagine]; To move around you ‘think’ where you want to go “move to the living room” “move to my friends house” “move 5 feet in front of me” etc. You should set some rules/intentions for every time you have an out of body experience; Create a START location; Say to yourself… Every time I have an out of body experience I want my spirit-body to first go to my START location which is a beautiful tropical island [or whatever you want it to be… it can literally be anything you can imagine… the yellow brick road scene in The Wizard Of Oz movie]. Another rule/intention to set to prevent yourself from making the mistake most people do when they first astral project [which is they make the mistake of thinking about going back to their body… as so as they do… their spirit goes back to the body AND attaches to the body as well]; So tell yourself this… My intention is that every time I have an out of body experience if I think about going back to my physical-body my spirit-body will go to the same location my physical-body is but 4 feet away and 6 feet off the ground looking towards my physical-body; Then say to yourself… Every time I have an out of body experience the only way my spirit-body will attach to my physical-body is if I say this 3 times “ATTACH TO MY BODY NOW”. That way when you are truly ready to leave the spirit world you can first think “move to inside my physical body”; Once you are inside your physical-body say this 3 times “ATTACH TO MY BODY” and your spirit-body will attach. Then just lay there for a minute because you will be in sleep paralysis; Don’t try to force yourself up; Just wait a minute or so; Be patient and relax. Keep a large glass of water next to you (on a table or something) when you are trying to astral project or meditate because water will help raise your vibration.

Vibration & Frequency + Law Of Attraction Breakdown

“Vibrational frequency is they Key to understanding the Universe…. If you are more than a 3rd dimensional thinker wanting to involve yourself on the lower levels thru World Conflicts, Fear Television (Tell-Lie-Vision) and all the other fear propaganda designed to have you scared and ready to take up arms and sit in a panicked state, waiting thinking of nothing but the worst possible outcomes. Everything is energy. Everything we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell is made of different wavelengths vibrating at different frequencies. Our brain is like a translator that has the ability to interpret these frequencies into what we perceive to be our physical reality.

So we interpret an energy cluster as a chair, or a tree, or another person. We perceive them as physical or solid, but break them down to their smallest particles and they’re all just energy. There are non-physical energies as well, of course. Our thoughts, for example, are just different vibrations. Every time you think a thought, you send out that thought’s specific vibration. If a thought makes you feel good, if it’s a “positive” thought, it is vibrating at a higher frequency. If a thought makes you feel bad, if it’s a “negative” thought, it’s vibrating at a lower frequency. So, “I hate you” has a much lower frequency than “I love you”, for example.

The more focus you give to a thought, the more thoughts of the same vibration will join it. This is the Law of Attraction in action – like attracts like. As the vibration grows, it becomes stronger, more stable, more able to attract other, equal frequencies. The more attention you pay to a subject, the easier it becomes to think about it, and the more evidence you see in your world supporting your thoughts about it. If you think the world is a terrible place and spend a lot of time watching negative news, looking for horrible and sad stories in the paper and spending hours talking to others about how the world is going downhill, more stories supporting this world view will literally find you. Whenever you meet someone who thinks the world is a wonderful place, they’re probably going to annoy you – the energy of their thoughts is completely foreign to you.”

“You cannot perceive what you are not the vibration of, first. If you don’t stay in the preferred vibration, you will not be capable of receiving information of opportunities that show you how you might be able to continue.”  ~Bashar

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” — Wayne Dyer







“Radiate the energy you want to be around, as you will attract the energy you project.”


Law of Vibration

Beyond the material realm and into a realm in which everything is energy is the Law of Vibration. A Natural Universal Law that states that ‘nothing rests; everything moves; every-thing vibrates which forms a rate of Frequency.’ The lower the vibration, the slower the vibration; the higher the vibration the faster the vibration. The difference between the manifestations of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual result simply from different levels of vibrating energy, or frequencies. So, while the feelings of fear, grief and despair vibrate at a very low frequency, the feelings of love, joy and gratitude vibrate much quicker.

Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon whereby oscillations occur about an equilibrium or center point. The oscillations may be periodic such as the motion of a pendulum or random such as the movement of a tire on a gravel road. Vibration is responsible for the motion of a tuning fork, the reed in a woodwind instrument or harmonica, or mobile phones or the cone of a loudspeaker, and necessary for the correct functioning of the various devices. The study of sound and vibration are closely related. Sound, or “pressure waves”, are generated by vibrating structures (e.g. vocal cords); these pressure waves can also induce the vibration of structures

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We are all aware that we have an inner mind which is called ‘subliminal’, ‘subjective’, ‘id’, or the subconscious mind. Dr Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, termed the spiritual part of the mind as super conscious which was directly connected to Creator.

The subconscious mind works like a computer. The subconscious mind inspires, guides & is a permanent storehouse of memory. Our mind remembers everything we see, feel & experience but to recall is difficult. It is said that the subconscious mind has a memory capacity of 70-100 trillion images because all our feelings, emotions & experiences a restored within us as an image or sound. Just as a computer digitizes everything, our brain too does the same.

Subconscious mind never sleeps, never rests & is always on duty because it controls our heartbeat, circulation of blood, regulates digestion, assimilates, harmonises & eliminates. It controls all the vital processes & functions of our body & knows the answers to all our problems.

The objective mind learns from observation, experience, education & its great function is reasoning, whereas the subjective mind performs its highest function when our objective senses are in abeyance.

Thoughts are conveyed via the conscious mind to the subconscious by impression made in the brain cells like an image or a movie. It uses every bit of information gathered in our life time & draws all the energy & wisdom within us to bring solutions to our problems.


If we have conveyed an erroneous concept to our subconscious mind the method of overcoming it is by repetition of constructive & harmonious thoughts, positive attitude & visualising a happy ending rather than negative thoughts & suggestions.

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